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Hi, I'm Chris and I write
books, short stories, and poems.

I write books for children and adults. See covers and links here --->

My print books are available through Amazon.

Purchases are mailed USPS and autographed by the Author.

I also write adult short stories and poems that don't quite fit traditional publishing models, at least currently, so I share them here.

As you explore the website you'll also find I write knitting patterns.
I hope you enjoy them.

Book Cover picture

Mrs. Mouse's Menu Cookbook

Book Cover picture

I Can Grow!
(Currently Unavailable)

Book Cover picture

If You're Gonna be a Monster

Poem and Adult Short Stories (not for children)

But Not Today Poem Preview picture

But Not Today, a poem

Who says temper tantrums are just for children?

The Gathering, Adult flash fiction

I swear. I saw them. It was them Vultures
(Warning-Adult or mature child)

The Petting Zoo, Adult Flash Fiction

The screams came first, before the cold morning dew had dried
(Warning-Adult. Not for children.)

Short Story and Poem purchases are sent by email (the same email used in the checkout process) as soon as the payment clears, usually within a few minutes but sometimes up to 24-48 hours.

If you do not receive your purchase after that time, please email me at the link below and I'll get to the bottom of it as soon as I possibly can.


Check back later for more stories and poems to come in the near future.

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