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So, what's with the sheep?

It was just a fun little drawing I did, spur of the moment in a stolen minute of time. Nothing very important, I thought...


But then a funny thing happened. That silly little sheep drawing gave me an inordinate amount of joy.
I wondered why it made me so stinkin' happy? I mean, it's not even a very good drawing.
But something about it makes me smile every time I look at it.
It fills me with joy! That silly, jumping, dancing, smiling sheep!
I started doing creative things more often just to feel that happiness. See, I hadn't been creative for a very long time.
I'd stopped being me and hadn't even felt it go. I didn't want to ever lose that feeling again.

So, when I created CrissyCraft as a place to bring all those bits of creativity together, of course I had to
make that sheep a sort of Mascot!

So, what's with the link? It's a link that sort of dances around the website, like the sheep.
I change the link without warning, sometimes twice a day.
Sometimes once a month.
It just dances around. For fun. Not totally random, but unexpected, like itself.
And like life, you never know where you'll end up.

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